Welcome to Apostate of Hell - a free horror webzine that is different from other webzines. It is different because each issue is dedicated to, and features the work of just one talented horror writer.


In each issue you will find extracts from novels and/or short stories and/or poems. And in some cases you will read all three! You will also share the writer’s personal views and read his/her biography giving you an insight into their world. You will also find links to any or all of the author’s books and some excellent links to other fabulous sites on the worldwide web.


Apostate of Hell was designed to serve two basic purposes – one: to introduce you “the reader” to the creative works of many talented, up & coming new horror writers. And two: to promote these authors by giving them a platform and an opportunity to introduce themselves not only to you, but also to the literary world by demonstrating their creative and imaginative prowess.


This webzine has been listed in many webzine directories, on the top horror search engines and his linked to hundreds of other horror sites on the web, guaranteeing the author a lot of exposure and high ranking on the major search engines.


If you are a new horror writer and would like to be featured in a future issue of this webzine, please feel free to contact our editorial team by email. Please send a brief biography, your creative history, what material you would like to contribute, and some samples of your work.


If you are a reader, click on one of the hyperlinks below … and enjoy!!!




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